Some recent activities of centre member Angie Hobbs

Centre member Angie Hobbs has had a busy couple of months!

On the 21st of May she helped compose a letter from the British Philosophical Association to the Government to draw attention to what philosophers at U.K. institutions are doing to assist in the pandemic. Read the letter here.

On the 5th of June, Angie was interviewed by by Matthew Reisz for the THE on what philosophers around the world are doing to assist with the challenges (and a few opportunities) of COVID 19. You can read the interview here.

On the 8th of June she recorded a short essay she wrote on the ethics of the lockdown and exiting from lockdown. You can listen to it on BBC Radio 4, The World This Weekend (item 11’33”-16’56”). On the same day, Angie was interviewed by Mary Ann Sieghart on the “Ethical Challenges of COVID-19” for an Aspen Initiative U.K. Zoom webinar. The podcast of the event will be available on their webiste soon.

She also spoke on “Virtues, Flourishing and Education in an Age of Uncertainty” at a Zoom webinar on Virtues in the Classroom on the 20th of June, which was organized by Eton College and the University of Hertford Forum for Virtue and Understanding. The podcast of the event will be coming soon!

On the 22nd of June, Angie’s essay “Public Philosophy and the Civic Duty of Universities” was published in the Daily Nous. You can find it here.

Also, Angie started off July as a contributor and script consultant on Socrates: Genius of the Ancient World on BBC Four at 20.00 (rpt).

There’s more exciting public philosophy by Angie to come in the next couple of months, which you can find out more about here!