Event III: Balancing Representation and Authenticity

Date: 15th of November
Time: 17:30-18:30
Location: online – you can register here (individual event page) or here (event series page)

What this event will be about & Who we will hear from:

The aim of this event is to open up a meaningful and progressive dialogue around race, identity and authenticity. The plenary talk will be delivered by Desiree Reynolds, a journalist, poet and writer who was brought up in Clapham but now lives in Sheffield. Her talk will touch upon internal landscapes, identity, culture and the white male gaze, all themes that are explored in her brilliant writing. Debating the complexity of representation and authority, Desiree will lead an event that is designed to question the status quo and encourage discussion. It will be a truly thought-provoking session, and will also include a Q and A. 
All too often, creativity, debate and expression have been stifled by social structures, and yet literature has provided some kind of escape or outlet to writers. The purpose of this event, as part of the Engaged Philosophy series, is to introduce attendees to new perspectives. It will encourage both researchers and thinkers alike to look beyond race theory and dig deeper into the realm of what it means to be truly authentic.

This event is organized by Ellis Walker and Maz Mandhu.