Event I: Class, Power and Philosophy

What this event will be about:

What is class in the modern world? What is class power, and what is its significance for freedom and democracy? And can philosophy help us understand it? Class, Power, and Philosophy brings activists engaged in class struggles together with political philosophers to foster dialogue concerning issues which both activists and philosophers deal with daily, but from very different angles. Where activists try to fight the arbitrary power of bosses over workers, philosophers are interested in how this power affects one’s freedom. Where philosophers are interested in the nature of democracy, activists in the workers’ movement struggle for democratic control over society and the workplace. As well as helping us understand these concrete issues better, the event also aims to reflect on how we do political philosophy. Do aspects of workers’ struggles cast doubt on some theories of justice? Would political philosophy benefit from taking the ideas from working class traditions more seriously? This event will be a stimulating occasion to hear speakers from many different backgrounds discuss these issues in an engaging and accessible way, and to further our understanding of some of the most important political questions of our time.

This event is organized by William Hornett.