BAME peer mentoring network

Building on previous race equality work, we are running in 2022-2023 a peer mentoring network for BAME students within the Arts &  Humanities faculty. A peer mentoring network was frequently requested by BAME students who attended the events put on by philosophy department’s race equality interns (2021-2022).

Students requested mentors whom they could easily approach with issues/questions that come from, or to have a chat about being, a BAME student in the faculty of arts and humanities. They expected that these mentors have lived experience of being a BAME student in a majority white course/space, and that mentors are committed to improving their university experience by being a point of contact to help them navigate difficulties or offer guidance.

With this in mind, the network will be set up and run by three BAME student leads, but is open to all BAME students in the faculty. There will be more details to come, including details of how to participate as mentor and/or mentee. 

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