Full videos

… including Interventions from David Willetts, John Lloyd and Lucy Porter, as well as Q&A sessions.

Angie Hobbs: “Philosophy and the Good Life”

Peter & Emma Worley (The Philosophy Foundation): “Why Phi. Reasoning, Reflection and (Re-)evaluation”
Grace Lockrobin (Thinking Space): “Philosophy and the Fight for the Future”
Steve Bramall & Amelia Foster (SAPERE): “Scaling Philosophical Practice”
Input 1 (Steve Pramall): “On Growing P4C as a Social Practice”
Input 2 (Amelia Foster): “On Growing Philosophy for a Nation”

Intervention by David Willetts
John Taylor: “The New School Certificate in Philosophy”
Laura D’Olimpio: “Practicing Compassion. Engaging Philosophically wiht Narratives in the Classroom”
Michael Hand: “The Distinctive Educational Value of Philosophy”
Intervention by John Lloyd
Intervention by Lucy Porter
Q&A 1
Q&A 2
Q&A 3