Center Member Max Khan Hayward on how “Cummings is bringing us closer to a zero-trust society”

A while back, at the beginning of June, our center member Max Khan Hayward had an article published in In the introduction to his article, Max writes:

“Boris Johnson and Dominic Cummings won a referendum and an election by importing Donald Trump’s divisive politics to Britain. Now they’re mired in the same anti-elite rhetoric they themselves promoted. All of which raises a question: Has the Johnson-Cummings machine stopped winning? The answer depends on what game it is you think they are playing.”

The article discusses how both Johnson’s and Commings’ strategies erode trust – “in institutions, in leadership, within and among groups, and ultimately in the activity of politics itself” – bringing us closer to a “zero-trust society”. You can find the whole article here. Make sure to check it out!