About the Event Series

Thinking in Action: Engaging Philosophy

“Thinking in Action: Engaging Philosophy” is a new event series by the CEP, with the aim to do exactly that: put thinking in action. In a series of events, organized by postgraduate students, we want to explore philosophical themes, paths and arenas that will engage topics and speakers both in and outside academia. It is our goal to introduce and discuss a range of philosophically engaging topics that will help students think critically about how their philosophical skills will be applicable and crucial in their lives after, or outside of, the academy. This should in partiuclar help undergraduate, but also postgraduate students and the wider public, to think about philosophy in non-traditional ways and outside the ivory tower.

Stay tuned for more details on themes, speakers as well as resources and abstracts!

Image: Benjamin Ellliott Endcliffe Park, uZMaIIqumj4-unsplash