Hypathia Reading List, APA-blog “Black Issues in Philosophy” and “The Ethics of Black Lives Matter” video series

Marking Juneteenth, the feminst philosophy journal Hypathia, has decided to contribute a two part curated online issue, “featuring previously published work by Black feminist scholars, which is made available freely, without subscription.” The first part of the issue highlights Black feminists’ reflections on the discipline of philosophy. Check it out here! The second part is on Black feminist theorizing, with a particular focus on Black feminist philosophers. You can find it here!

We also recommend that people take a look at the Blog of the APA and check out the posts on Black Issues in Philosophy, which include contributions by Lewis Gordon, Sakena Young-Scaggs, Robert Redding Jr. and many more!

Further, Ethics in Context have published various videos on The Ethics of Black Lives Matter, with many interesting and important philosophical inputs and discussions. Make sure to watch them!