A lot of Engaged Philosophy by Centre-member Megan Blomfield

As we’ve posted in January, our centre-member Megan Blomfield started off the year 2020 with co-organizing a series of workshops on Land Rights in a Changing Climate in Norway, talking place between the 27th and 31st of January. Since then, she’s presented a lot more engaged work, addressing important issues of our time:

In February, Megan gave a paper entitled “Climate responsibilities in an unjust world” at the Leeds IDEA Centre (5th of Feb), at the Philosophy research seminar of the University of East Anglia (6th of Feb) and at the Warwick Centre for Ethics, Law and Public Affairs (18th of Feb). Further, on the 12th of February, she gave a talk on “Structural Testimonial Injustice in the UK Asylum Claim Process” at the University of Oxford .

If you’re interested in Megan’s work and publications, take a look at her profile on the website of the Philosophy department and our members page!

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