Centre member T. Ryan Byerly on “Being an Intellectually Dependable Person”

In his newest post on the blog “Open for Debate“, centre member T. Ryan Byerly writes about what it means to be an intellectually dependenable person and what intellectual virtues are connected to that.

As he writes, “[w]e are often at the mercy of others when we are trying to figure things out. The same is true when we are seeking to gain deeper understanding or to improve our skills for gaining knowledge.  […] This is true not only when we are developing our generic capacities for learning in a formal educational setting, but also in our various specialized professional settings, in our participation in democratic processes, and in our personal lives. We are pervasively dependent upon others in the various arenas of our lives that involve inquiry.”

Read the full article here.

The Blog “Open for Deabte” contains many other interesting posts, including the articles “The Right to Know and the Duty to Inform: A Lesson from the Italian Experience with Covid-19” by Michel Croce (University of Edinburgh) and “Following the science: trust, experts, and COVID-19” by Matt Bennett (University of Cambridge).