Upcoming Online Event on Philosophy of Climate Change

The Oxford Climate Society and the Oxford Faculty of Philosophy are hosting a series of online events on the Ethics of Climate Change, bringing “together some of the world’s leading experts in climate ethicsJohn Broome,  Megan Blomfield, Henry Shue and Simon Caney — to showcase the latest and cutting edge work in the area.”

Our very own Megan Blomfield will be holding the upcoming talk on Wednesday 3rd of June, 2-4pm, entitled “Climate Responsibilities in an Unjust World“.

Here’s her abstract: “Who is responsible for bearing any burdens of addressing the problem of climate change? Common answers in the philosophical literature include polluters, beneficiaries of pollution, or the wealthy. In this talk I argue that whilst these answers might appear able to help us divide up the costs of climate change relatively neatly, they cannot provide an accurate picture of responsibility for addressing this problem. Particularly in a world that is radically unjust, like our own, responsibility for climate change is far more diffuse and difficult to apportion.”

Click here to register for her talk, and here to check out what else is coming up in the series!

[photo credit Unsplash and website of the Oxford Climate Society]