Climate Crisis Education: CEP co-director Joshua Forstenzer launches partnerships with Union of Justice and Synergie Family

Our very own Josh Forstenzer has begun working with Union of Justice and Synergie Family this semester, investigating what should be the future of education in response to the Climate Crisis.

The project is entitled ‘Educating for Catastrophe: What should a Climate Crisis curriculum look like in practice for children and young people, communities and leaders?’ and focuses on activities that aim to develop civic skills and virtues to help communities confront political inaction in response to the climate crisis. This also involves direct engagement with interested elected officials and their staff, in addition to various Sheffield-based charities and organisations working on sustainable education.

“Drawing on Forstenzer’s research expertise in the philosophy of education and democracy, this project will begin to fill this gap by placing personal and collective flourishing at the heart of the Climate Crisis curriculum through partnership with two organisations, Union of Justice and Synergie Family. Taking a ‘narrative’ based approach to social learning and civic action this project aims to develop concrete proposals for how to transform educational curricula and pedagogies in the face of the climate emergency.”

You can read more about the project, the Union of Justice and the Synergie Family here [LINK].

IMAGE: Ross Greer (Member of Scottish Parliament for the West Scotland Region), Magid Magid (Executive Director of Union of Justice), Patrick Harvie (Scottish Minister for Zero Carbon Buildings, Active Travel and Tenants’ Rights), and Dr Joshua Forstenzer