Philosophers at Red Haus: Climate Change, Climate Strike

Next up in the monthly “Philosophers at Red Haus series” (organized by centre-member Matt Cull and Nadia Mehdi) is the topic Climate Change and Climate Strike!

When? Friday, November 22nd
Café Red Haus Books,
232 Abbeydale Road, S7 1FL Nether Edge, Sheffield

“This month we’ll be reflecting on climate change and the recent climate strikes. What radical possibilities do these strikes open up? Is there hope that we can put a halt to, or at least mitigate climate change? What does climate justice look like, and how can we achieve it? What place does engagement with parliamentary democracy have in this fight?”

* Megan Blomfield, Lecturer in philosophy at the University of Sheffield, and author of the book Global Justice, Natural Resources, and Climate Change.
* George Coiley, PhD Student at the University of Sheffield and Grantham Scholar.
* Julia Cushion, Training and Councils Coordinator at climate change charity Hope for the Future.