Northern Diversity Forum Workshop#1 – Nov. 21st

The Northern Diversity Forum (NDF) is a new initiative with the aim to run a regular workshop series with focus on philosophical issues surrounding the notions of equality, diversity, and decolonization, as well as issues related to under-representation in the discipline – and their first workshop and launch event is coming up!

When? November 21st 2019, 13:00-18:00
Where? PZA/115 Seminar/Learning Room, PIAZZA BUILDING, University of York

13:00-14:00 Welcome, Catered Lunch and about the NDF
14:00-15:00 Alya Khan (London Metropolitan University): Resisting the ‘Mythical Norm’ Today: Some Thoughts for Philosophy
15:00-15:30 Coffee break
15:30-16:30 Annie McCallion (University of Manchester): Disassociated Disagreement: Women’s Philosophical Underrepresentation
16:30-16:45 Coffee break
16:45-17:45 Simon Fokt (independent): Notes from the Road. Five Years of Helping you Diversify your Reading List.

Alya Khan: Resisting the ‘Mythical Norm’ Today: Some Thoughts for Philosophy
“This talk draws on Audre Lorde’s notion of the ‘Mythical Norm’ as a springboard towards identifying and addressing discriminatory challenges for working within our discipline today. With reflections from lived experience and an invitation to participatory explorations, the session will focus on some aspects of teaching & learning, research, and beyond…”

Simon Fokt: Notes from the road: Five years of helping you Diversify your Reading Lists
“Many agree that diversifying syllabi can be an important tool of combating under-representation in philosophy. However, the process of finding appropriate texts and assessing their usefulness involves considerable effort, adding to the already busy schedules of teachers and lecturers. Nearly five years ago, we created the Diversity Reading List to help overcome this difficulty. Since then, the DRL helped many, won several grants, and saw a large number of people volunteer their time to take direct action to make Philosophy a discipline of equal opportunity. In this talk, I will share some lessons learned on the road, show you how to use and take part in building this resource, and give you an update on some substantial changes on our horizon.”

Annie McCallion: Disassociated Disagreement: Women’s Philosophical Underrepresentation
“In this talk I discuss women’s representation in the discipline of philosophy and explore some contributing factors to women’s underrepresentation in the field. I’ll close by discussing some methods we can employ in order to combat the factors that contribute to women’s attrition and encourage more young women to pursue philosophy to the postgraduate level”

For more details and updates see the NDF’s Facebook event! You can also follow them on Twitter, Facebook or view updates and news on their website! If you have any questions regarding the event, please contact