Event in August: Decriminalization and Sex Work

Centre member and PhD student Rosa Vince is putting on an event on Decriminalization and Sex Work on Tuesday the 6th of August, 13:45 – 17:15.
The workshop will be an interdisciplinary event, exploring legal approaches to sex work. Among other things, this includes examining the impact these different approaches have on the workers themselves:

“Participants (including researchers from many different departments, as well as those in other relevant areas of work and activists) will engage with research and testimony which both ask and answer questions on the material effects of laws and social norms on the people most affected by them. Discussion will include but not be limited to: decriminalisation, legalisation, and the nordic model; marginalisation and stigma; labour and work under capitalism; activism and resistance; and social norms and gender.”

2:00pm: Keynote by Niki Adams (English Collective of Prostitutes)
3:30pm: Tea and Coffee
4:00pm: Postgraduate Panel Talks

To register, click here.