Panel and Q&A-Event: Movements for Global Justice

Panel and Q&A
Monday the 29th of April, 2-4pm

Though philosophers disagree about what just world would look like, very few deny that we live in a world that is characterised by many global injustices. Philosophy can help us to understand the nature of these injustices and the responsibilities of individuals, governments and others to address them. However, philosophical discussions of these issues tend to take place at a relatively abstract or theoretical level. This event is an opportunity to hear about this topic from a different perspective, with talks from campaigners who are taking action in response to global injustice.

This event will feature speakers involved with:
– Migrant Justice organisations End Deportations, Lesbians and Gays Support the Migrants, the South Yorkshire Migration and Asylum Action Group, and the Natural Resilience Project; including members of the Stansted 15.
– Environmental justice groups including Reclaim the Power and The University of Sheffield Clean Energy Switch campaign.
– Global labour justice campaign, Sweatshop Free.

This is a limited capacity, one-off event for University of Sheffield students. If you would like to register to attend, please email Megan Blomfield (, who will inform you about the place of the event and further relevant details.