Interdisciplinary two-day workshop on the theme of Media and Oppression

The Department of Philosophy at the University of Sheffield is delighted to invite postgraduates and early-career researchers to apply to attend an interdisciplinary two-day workshop in June on the theme of Media and Oppression. The goal of this event is to share work and learn collaboratively, on topics surrounding screen media’s role in perpetuating or combatting oppression. 

It can be daunting and difficult for someone who has been situated in one discipline, to branch out and engage with other areas. This workshop will enable early career researchers to practice collaborating across disciplines in a comfortable environment.

Rather than a traditional conference-style event, this event will involve three kinds of sessions: a ‘Reading Group’, a ‘Talk Session’, and a ‘Discussion Session’. The ‘Reading Group’ sessions will involve all participants discussing two papers, that we collectively choose in advance. The ‘Talk Session’ will involve three participants presenting short work-in-progress talks, followed by a discussion period. The ‘Discussion Sessions’ will consist of a group discussion on a particular theme (e.g. representations of protest; meaning in music videos). 

We will discuss topics such as:

  • Stereotypes in film and television (including adverts)
  • Propaganda and representations in documentaries and news
  • Popular criticisms of music videos and videogames 
  • Social movements and vlogs 
  • Resistance through representation?

Workshop Aims:

  • Building community across departments and institutions;
  • Widening the knowledge of early career researchers;
  • Building knowledge of the intersections of our disciplines. This means ensuring we aren’t missing key advances because they sit in bodies of literature we don’t encounter in our home disciplines.

The workshop is being organised by Rosa Vince (University of Sheffield), Tareeq O Jalloh (University of Sheffield), and Anna Klieber (University of Cardiff).

More information can be found on the Media and Oppression website.