Updates from some of our centre members

We have some exciting updates from some of our centre members who recently graduated – engaged in both practical and theoretical ways!

Jane Gatley was recently awarded a Society for Applied Philosophy short-term postdoctoral fellowship to work on two papers: one about conceptual engineering and education, and one about cultural capital in education. For this work, her affiliation is the University of Sheffield. In October, Jane will start a year long ESRC postdoctoral fellowship at the University of Birmingham, where she will further develop her PhD research on teaching philosophy in schools. Moreover, Jane has a new paper in the Journal of Philosophy of Education, entitled Intrinsic Value and Educational Value. In it, she asks “whether educational value is determined in any way by intrinsic value”, with the aim “to explore whether appeals to the intrinsic value of an activity or state of affairs can justify proposed educational value.”

Congratulations Jane!

Maria J Pietrini Sanchez recently took a short-term job at the Autonomous University of Chiapas (UNACH). There, Maria worked on the design of good practices aimed at mitigating gender violence within the Faculty of Medicine. This includes the co-production of a protocol of actions to prevent and address gender-based violence, and recommendations to make university spaces safer. In combination with this, she contributed to the development of strategies aimed at promoting gender equality within the Faculty, including: The design and distribution of infographics on what to do in the event of sexual harassment, and what to do in the event of discrimination based on gender or race and the production of a guide to use non-sexist language in the classroom, and in internal and external communication of the Faculty.

Congratulations Maria!