Pride month

It’s pride month, and a good opportunity to draw attention to the fantastic Trans Philosophy Project. It functions as support for “events (e.g., conference, symposia, and lecture series) and resource initiatives. Events aim to facilitate the development of work in trans philosophy across a broad range of research areas, including metaphysics, epistemology, phenomenology, social/political philosophy, feminist theory, critical philosophy of race, and ethics. In doing so, these events seek to help define the rich philosophical stakes within transgender studies. The project’s resource initiatives focus on curating a bibliography of trans philosophy, a collection of pedagogical materials for teaching trans philosophy, and a set of “Best Practices” that may be used by professional philosophy organizations to support trans philosophers.”

Also at the philosophy department at Sheffield, we have been working to review and revise our gender inclusion policy. We also have a trans student tutor and representative – you can find their details here.

You can read more about what else the University of Sheffield is doing to support LGBT+ inclusion here, including links to the staff LGBTQ+ network. Students may also want to check out the Students’ Union LGBT+ network.

Happy pride all!