Centre co-director Josh Forstenzer and Magid Magid on how in an “age of misinformation, philosophy could help to create a better world”

In a recent piece in The Indepenedent, our centre co-director Josh Forstenzer and Magid Magid reflect on how philosophy, specifically in our current climate of misinformation and confusion, can help in making our world a better place.

From the article:

“Lies are repeated over and over again and carried at the speed of clicks (and algorithmic bots) across the internet, until no one can tell whether the speaker even believes what is being said or just thinks it is good to be seen to have said it. All that seems to matter is that enough people are swayed in the moment, just long enough to force whichever trite and bigoted nonsense is in fashion these days within sub-parts of – let’s face it – mostly right-wing political parties (typically, beholden to a small faction of aggressive nativists) across the democratic world. So, how can philosophy, the oldest academic discipline in the book, help us create a better world in the face of all this?  ”

As Magid Magid and Josh write, they “decided to work together because [they] both believe that another world is not only possible, but probable if we put our hearts, minds, and bodies to work in that direction”.

They reflect on how to understand current political divides, what practical steps can be taken to confront issues of our time, and much more.

The full article can be read here (by signing up to a free account with The Independent).