In memory of María Cristina Lugones

To honor the life and work of philosopher María Cristina Lugones (1944-2020) the Editorial Team of the feminist-philosophy journal Hypatia has curated an online issue featuring many of Lugones’ key work which were previously published in Hypatia. This comes alongside a translated tribute honoring her life and contributions.

From the tribute: “Until her death in Syracuse, New York, on July 14, 2020, María was a tireless fighter whose political activism both fed and drew on these contributions, enriching interconnected worlds, from the struggle to end all forms of racist and gender violence to her theorization of resistance within social movements, from her practice of popular education to the formation of grassroots coalitions, especially among women of color, and finally her more recent theorization of the coloniality of gender, heterosexualism, and decolonial feminisms.”

The online collection includes papers like “Toward a Decolonial Feminism” (2010), “Hispaneando y Lesbiando: On Sarah Hoagland’s Lesbian Ethics” (1990), “Musings: Reading the Nondiasporic from within Diasporas” (2014) and many more!

Find the full article honoring María Lugones’ life and work here and the collection of her work here! Make sure to check it out!