Max Hayward on “Why Bertrand Russel’s argument for idleness is more relevant than ever”

In a recently published article in the New Statesman our centre member Max Hayward reflects on Bertrand Russel’s “In Praise of Idleness“. Russel is writing in the context of the Great Depression, where “idleness was an unavoidable reality for the millions who had lost their jobs. Russell realised that his society didn’t just need to confront the crisis of mass unemployment. He called for nothing less than a total re-evaluation of work – and of leisure.”

As Max writes – “Russell’s call could hardly be more relevant today, as we face the prospect of another great recession. Millions may lose their jobs in the coming months and, as automation and technology continue to advance, the jobs lost during the pandemic may never return.” He argues that we need to think about the relevance of education, how we understand success, and much more!

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